Plato & Platypus


The optimist says, “The glass is half full.”
The pessimist says, “The glass is half empty.”
The rationalist says, “This glass is twice as big as it needs to be.”
“That makes it clear as glass.”

A piece conversation in this book. It seemed like usual conversation. but, who thinks this book is contained implicitly philosophy?

Have you ever read a book about philosophy?

So you’ve got a piece of philosophical writing in your hands.
Now, how do you read it?

Most of people (count me in) in reading philosophy have a trouble in understanding it. I have to admit that philosophy is supposed to be difficult. We don’t know what entirely message from Plato, Socrates and many philosphers have been written.
Now, this time I’ll reviewing one philosophy book. Don’t worry, I don’t review a philosophy’s book like “Critique of Pure Reason” from Immanuel Kant, or other Marxist’s book. This one is light read, clean joke, and simply understanding. To be honest, I haven’t finished yet read this book, but I think I’ve to share this ones and it’s good enough to write about already.

“When Thompson hit seventy, he decided to change his lifestyle completely so that he could live longer. He went on a strict diet, he jogged, he swam, and he took sunbaths. In just three months’ time, Thompson lost thirty pounds, reduced his waist by six inches, and expanded his chest by five inches. Svelte and tan, he decided to top it all off with a sporty new haircut. Afterward, while stepping out of the barbershop, he was hit by a bus. As he lay dying, he cried out, ‘God, how could you do this to me?’ And a voice from the heavens responded, ‘To tell you the truth, Thompson, I didn’t recognize you.”

Philosophy is asking questions about beauty, morals and ethics, politics, thought, religion, science, the existence and nature of God, and so on.

Religion, most people tend to talk about it in a very personal or purely scientific way, and opinion ends up dominating the conversation rather than a want to learn, which is the ultimate fuel in any good philosophical conversation. In fact, religion has relatively meaning for every person.

 In general, philosophy is something someone thinks of as some boring old person lecturing in a college classroom, but this book made philosophy fun and easier to understand. Once you started reading it, you’ll be laughing, at least giggling. But, sometimes you found jokes either fell flat, and/or didn’t help illuminate the concepts being discussed.

first, made an assumption about philosophy that would be studied, then implementing in jokes, and closed by conclusion which contains jokes too. those steps made this book easy to understand.

For me, Plato and Platypus seriously interested me in every single word and finding what actually happens in life. I really related to the stories and fell in love how Thomas Cathcart written. It made philosophy seem really easy to understand. It made me question my purpose and how I could make philosophy through jokes.

Those conversation above are not spoilers, it just an appetizer that I hope could open your mind to buy this worth-general-philosophy-book.

A humorous and entertaining read intertwining philosophical concepts. It made reading philosophy easier!
That’s all brief review I had to written.
If you find grammatical error in above sentences, lemme know through the mail ^^ it is my way to improve my English. Thanks in advance

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