A Letter

Night, you looks audacious
Cold, sharp, and unconscious
the wind blows throng to my house
knock on my door so gracious

i felt so scared to open the door
then i put the light on
i walked in secrecy to the fore
i put the letter and act like moron

I read the letter vigorously
Standing disdainfully then I feel humbly
I’m bending my knee ready to feast you amorously
Melting any feeling from angry to do lovely

i expected a short message but it dragged on and on
it words softly allow me to let down
i was so anxious yet eventually calmed down
then realized its letter contain what i was banking on

Got your another kit
Appearing my irregular heartbeat
I ride on my desire for meet
Then, go to you in a speed

Everyday time changes to the dark
Arousing some light of sparks
I listen to our recorded days into a short
And summarized it words by words

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